The Mobile Game Created by BTU Students, Winners of the Beeline Mobile Games Hackathon, Is Now Available

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The Mobile Game Created by BTU Students, Winners of the Beeline Mobile Games Hackathon, Is Now Available


Tbilisi, April 7, 2021 - The mobile game “Jumper Ghost” created by Georgian students, has been placed on the Games Portal of Beeline, a member of the international group Veon,   and is available to users. The game was created in October last year as part of the Beeline mobile game hackathon, Game Jam, by a team of BTU students - Absolute Zero. The team became the winner of the hackathon and along with the prize was awarded a contract with Beeline, on the basis of which it continues to work with the company on a revenue-sharing model.


The logic of the game “Jumper Ghost” is simple and follows the mechanism of other Beeline games - the subscriber tries to avoid barriers and accumulate MB. The won MBs will be credited to the subscriber on a specific balance allocated for the game, which can be checked through the Beeline application. To access the game, the subscriber goes to the game link and passes verification via the mobile number. The fee for one attempt of the game is 1 ₾.


“Jumper Ghost” is the ninth game posted on the Beeline portal, and the first one posted, which was created in Georgia. So far, the company has cooperated with foreign partners, and in order to identify talented developers in Georgia and support the sphere, it held the Beeline Game Jam hackathon and became a business partner for several teams consisting of Georgian youth.


Beeline continues to support the digital development in Georgia and encourage industry representatives, which in the case of mobile games is an excellent opportunity to create added value for consumers.





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