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SAFE YOU – Beeline Subscribers can use the mobile application dedicated to protect them from violence without the internet



The subscribers of Beeline, a member of the international group VEON, can use the SAFE YOU mobile application created to protect them from violence without the Internet.  

As a result, when using this mobile application, there will be no need for Beeline subscribers to consume the internet, and they will be able to enjoy this service even if no internet deposit is charged.

The author of this SAFE YOU mobile application project is Safari.


SAFE YOU is an international mobile application that protects women from violence. The application has the so-called SOS button, which a woman can use in case of danger and for defense needs, in order to be able to make a voice call for help to her pre-defined contacts. By pressing the SOS button, the alarm signal is sent simultaneously to pre-entered trusted contact persons, the special women organizations, and, if desired, to the police.


It should be noted that with the application you can also record, store and forward audio, which means that a victim of violence will have confirmation in what form the violence has been made. In SAFE YOU there is also an anonymous forum space where professionals can answer any questions. With the help of the network in SAFE YOU, the user can search the non-governmental organizations, human rights defenders, psychologists and organizations dedicated to empowering women giving professional advice to solve the problems to the victims of violence.


SAFE YOU can be downloaded on both Android and iOS smartphones: (Android ); (iOS).


Development and support of digital products, including education and promoting women's economic inclusion and empowerment is an integral part of Beeline's strategy.