Beeline conducts a campaign for motivating employees to get vaccinated

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Beeline conducts a campaign for motivating employees to get vaccinated

September 3, 2021 - Beeline, a member of the International Group "Veon", carries out internal information activities to gain Covid Safe Company status and protect its employees and customers.


From July 5, an informational campaign has been launched on the communication platform Workplace by Facebook, which is dedicated to motivating employees to get vaccinated and raising awareness about the vaccine. The aim of the campaign is for employees to obtain verified information, backed up by facts and statistics, and make informed choices themselves.


Within the frameworks of the campaign, Beeline systematically provides its employees the information about the progress of the vaccination process in the company as well as throughout the country and the world, with the involvement of professional doctors in the field, answers frequently asked questions, informs employees about the benefits for vaccinated people, etc. A virtual library is available for each employee at the Workplace, where information on virus management and vaccination is gathered.




The survey to determine the attitude of employees towards vaccination was conducted at the beginning of the campaign and it has been conducting on a weekly basis since then. Regularly updated survey results help the company run its information campaign properly.


An important part of the internal communication campaign is the motivation of employees and their involvement in vaccination promotion activities. Photo-video contest "I got vaccinated" is being held in this direction. Employees can participate both as a team and individually. The winners will be revealed by a specially selected jury and will be awarded a variety of prizes.


"Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have taken special responsibility for the safety of our employees, their family members and customers. We have carried out a number of activities in this direction. At this stage, our goal, with each other's support and motivation, is to gain the "Covid Safe" Company status soon and contribute to the end of the pandemic. Our messages are clear - vaccination brings us closer to each other and to the end of the pandemic; Each vaccinated person makes an important, personal contribution not only to their own family or country, but also to solving the world problem, and today vaccination is the most effective way to defeat an invisible enemy. The number of employees vaccinated at Beeline is growing day by day, which reflects the overall spirit of the team and high social responsibility," - said Beeline.







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