Learn a foreign language just for 15₾ a month

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Learn a foreign language just for 15₾ a month

In partnership with Busuu, Beeline gives you an exclusive opportunity to get a 1-month premium package voucher for Busuu service with 50% discount, just for 15₾. Join the community of 100 million people and start learning one of 12 languages.


To get access to the premium package: 

  • Visit - https://beeline.ge/promo - Verify your mobile number, activate service for 15₾ and get 10-symbol voucher code via SMS. 
  • Register on Busuu’s Web-Site, in the accounts menu, choose “Redeem a voucher” and enter the code in the field. 
  • After this, your 1-month premium package will be activated. 
  • If you wish to continue using the Busuu platform and learn languages for another month, you can just take the same process again. 
  • You can activate the product as many times as you want, without a limit. 
  • The voucher code is valid until March 31, 2021.

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